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Writing at HOLDUPNOW


Here at HOLDUPNOW we’re always looking for creative talent to join our team of writers and contribute to our site. 

If you’re interested in interviewing your favourite artists, reviewing fresh content and having a platform to share your writing on then look no further.

To start discussing your involvement with us, please email with the subject line ‘Writing at HOLDUPNOW’ and we’ll send you an application to complete.


As much as we check and double check for typos, spelling errors and any other bad things within our work, we’re only human and very occasionally these things do slip past our eyes. If you’ve noticed something that needs correcting, please email immediately so we can rectify any potential mistakes.

In Plain English

At we use British English. However, in the spirit of transparency and accuracy within our work, we don’t edit the answers of interviewees. This means that when we interview artists that use American English, you may notice differences in their use of grammar.