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Why You Should Help Save The Cube

Cinema is a magical thing, but unfortunately it is also something that many of us don’t get to experience as much as we could.

A large amount of the cinema opportunities we have come in the form of cinema chains that show a handful of mainstream films, that are often only from established commercial film studios, and quite frankly, are usually extremely expensive for the average viewer.

Given this, one would think that the world has a lack of films being made, but this is not the case. Cinema chains are big businesses, and this is why you will generally only find high grossing films, straight from Hollywood and similar places being shown.

This is where The Cube comes into play. The Cube’s interests do not lie in financial gains, but in providing a screening platform for films of all genres and budgets. It is an area for cultural exploration for the public, not only as a venue, but as a community hub.

Screening films from a purely abstract style, to political films and everything between, this venue is a volunteer-run organisation that really cares about showcasing cinema in its entirety – something that unfortunately, is extremely hard to come by in our modern society, where profit margins are a higher priority than community enrichment.

However, this cultural gem’s existence isn’t a certainty. The Cube relies on leasing the building out and to avoid ever being shut down, The Cube’s volunteers need to raise the funds to buy the building. 

This is why HOLDUPNOW supports The Cube’s fundraising efforts. We urge you if you care about cinema, the community or culture in general, to donate to The Cube in any capacity (even if it’s just pennies).

So why should you donate? Well aside from cinema, The Cube as previously mentioned is also a community hub of not only Bristol, but the United Kingdom. This organisation is held in high esteem nationally, and not only provides a variety of great films, but also engages with the public putting on musical events, discussions and general nights out, in addition to many other forms of event.

Creatives are welcome to come and showcase their work – whatever it is, giving a platform for artists of all natures to actually show their work to the public, which is something that is severely lacking in most places. Opportunities like these aren’t readily available, and it’s no secret that creatives need more platforms to showcase their talent, as well as get experience in terms of putting on events themselves and portraying their material physically to an audience.

If you’ve read this and thought to yourself “I can’t spare £5.00 or £0.50″ then don’t worry, you can still play a role that is just as valuable to the fundraising efforts. Simply share this article, give The Cube’s Facebook page a like or retweet our ‘Support The Cube’ poster which you will find at @holdupmedia (or do all of them). It won’t take much of your time, but in ten years time when thousands of people have had the opportunity to show their new films, play their first gig or had a place to go and have an affordable day or night out at The Cube, they will have you to thank. A simple like and share or small donation can go a long way, so why not? 

 Visit and share The Cube’s fundraising effort at:


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