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Why you need this small camera for a big impact

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Images by Remy Boprey

When someone asks ‘Why buy a GoPro camera?’ it begs the retort ‘Why the hell not?’. As the revolution of tiny cameras takes over the world, it’s hard to find a reason not to jump on the bandwagon.

The GoPro initiative is to provide people with the most versatile cameras that the world has ever seen, allowing its users to film in motion or take a series of images while doing anything from surfing to paragliding. No matter the sport, someone has found a way to strap one of these little gadgets on and capture incredible images previously thought impossible to capture in more than your imagination. The trend has spread like wildfire, opening up the world of extreme sports and inspiring others to do things they had never dared to do before.

One of the great advantages of the brand is its accessibility. The new range of cameras is better than ever before, with improved sound-capture technology for those wishing to video as well as photograph. The HERO 3 White Edition, although the simplest in the range, is both affordable at £199.99 and easy to use. For the amateur GoPro user, it does everything that you could possibly want or need it to do; records in full 1080p high definition, comes with a waterproof housing and even has built-in Wi-Fi. Of course there are accessories available to enhance the experience and make life even easier if you’re jumping off mountains or deep sea diving, and these can be found in a large range of tech retailers. For those who want to step it up a notch, the Black Edition, which can be bought at £359.99, is not only smaller than its predecessor, but also has 2X better low light performance than previous models.

The best part of the GoPro is that it lets people share memories of moments that would be so hard to convey with words. Jumping off a mountain and want to share with everyone those few moments when you saw the world at your feet? Well, now you can. The whole idea of the GoPro just promotes passion, motivation and, above all, fun.

It’s not just for those interested in extreme sports though. Now the world can see what Niagara Falls looks like from the point of view of a small remote-controlled helicopter, thanks to YouTube user Questpact, who sent his GoPro flying over the famed mists. Check out the incredible video on his official channel here:


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