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What I’m Listening To: Synkro ‘Look At Yourself’ (Djrum Remix)

London-based Djrum has produced his own version of Synkro’s Look at Yourself as part of a new series of reworked tracks from Mindset Records’ favourite producers. Released as a 12” back in August, the EP also features a rework of Szare’s Leaning Towers of Concrete from fellow producer ASC.

Better known for bass-heavy tracks and a love of UK Garage, it’s interesting to see Djrum take a shot at reworking a marginally slower and more relaxed electronic track. However the accomplished DJ has managed just that, producing a one-of-a-kind sound that stands at an impressive 11 minutes in length.


The track begins with a rolling ambient sound, filled by the addition of a much faster, clicking synth. Unique recreated vocal patterns from the original are filtered in and out throughout, along with a breakdown around 3 minutes in, featuring an eerie vocal sample from Silence of the Lambs.

Continuing with drums and a rolling bass note, the track is given a dreamy sound with the slow inclusion of an intense string orchestra. Listeners are treated to another breakdown around the 6-minute mark when the song is significantly slowed down, making way for a dreamier, soothing synth sound and detached vocal samples.

It soon picks up again, although this time at a reduced rate, creating a more relaxed and atmospheric sound. A solo saxophone riff is included towards the end, when the continuous rhythmic percussion is faded out slowly, giving the track an elongated and powerful ending.

The track shows Djrum working his diverse range of influences and intricate production techniques to create a track like no other; impossible for fans of Djrum and Synkro not to enjoy.

Purchase the mp3 version of the full EP for only £1.70 here.


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