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What I’m Listening To: Maribou State ‘Tongue’ EP (feat. Holly Walker)

A couple of weeks ago Maribou State released their newest EP Tongue via Southern Fried Records. Featuring their latest single Tongue, the EP also includes another track, Larks Rise, along with three remixed versions of Tongue by other artists James Welsh and Drew Hill. The duo have collaborated with singer Holly Walker for their latest release, and infuse jazz and electronic sounds to accompany her ethereal vocals.

Tongue is filled with great beats and catchy lyrics, accompanied by a darker feel, which is shown through the prolonged synth patterns and echoing vocals mid-way through the track. At just over 5 minutes long the track is bursting with emotion, and shows Maribou State’s ability to create a song that isn’t simply just that.

Larks Rise is also filled with echoing sounds and vocals, accompanied by an irresistible beat and snippets of Walker’s breathy vocals. The track slowly builds up with the addition of keyboard sounds and jazz-like beats, which creates a great track to dance to. Similarities to some of the tracks on Bonobo’s latest album The North Borders are easily spotted in this track, with an easy-to-listen-to beat and lots of added background sounds that fill up the track and make it sound almost magical. 

The three remixes of Tongue each give it something different, but mainly make the track a lot more upbeat and compatible with playing to a crowd. My favourite is Drew Hill’s remix, as he adds a great beat with extra synth patterns, making the track lean more towards the house music genre, and you can easily imagine it would sound great blasted through some speakers on a night out.

The duo have successfully gone on to make another great EP, and having received positive reviews from fans and many music magazines including Vice, they are revelling in their success with 10 tour dates planned throughout June and July. Catch them playing in Bristol on the 28th of this month at The Thekla for 51 27, or at one of the other locations shown in the above image. See you there!

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