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What I’m Listening To: Lana Del Rey ‘Gods and Monsters’ (ViLLAGE remix)

As a person who usually finds it quite rare to instantly like a song the first time I hear it, I was naturally excited to have this happen after stumbling upon ViLLAGE’s latest single, a remix of Lana Del Rey’s Gods and Monsters.


The remix is one of the latest releases from Romanian-based ViLLAGE, an up and coming DJ and music producer who’s skilled take on electronic music has seen him gather an impressive following in the past year alone.

Beginning with a jaggedly cut sample of Del Rey breathing, the song kicks into action with a delicious drop into thumping bass, accompanied by sensual vocals cut from the original, “In the land of Gods and Monsters /I was an Angel / Living in the garden of evil”. The track progresses with various synth pattern additions, from smooth and winding rhythms to abrupt screeching cuts, all pulled together with an infectious note-hopping beat. With Del Rey’s vocals floating in and out throughout, the song is given a dreamy resonance, made even more interesting when mixed with chilled trap vibes.

At just over four and a half minutes in length, the song seems to last for just the right amount of time, yet with a sudden finish that drops abruptly into silence the listener is left wanting more (hardly a bad thing, this song is surprisingly irresistible).

ViLLAGE’s version of Gods and Monsters is now available as a free download here.

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