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What I’m listening to: Dark Sky ‘In Brackets’ EP

South London trio Dark Sky recently released their latest EP In Brackets as a Vinyl only exclusive, featuring 4 brand new tracks that showcase their talent at experimenting with sounds and merging different genres to create music like no other. The group have always had a knack for creating songs that are hard to slot under a specific genre, and have a skill at making music that is always slightly different – always one step ahead of the rest. With a shared love of electronic music, they are known to largely reflect this through their productions and DJ sets, as well as drawing influences from other genres such as UK garage, house, drum and bass and hip-hop.

Having recently finished an 8-date tour of the UK throughout May, their next set takes place in Bristol at Thekla this evening (you can pop your name down for free guest list entry before 9pm by clicking here.) If you can’t catch them this time, they have a bi-monthly radio slot on NTS Radio on Thursdays from 8pm, which you can access here. For now, check out our track-by-track review of their new EP below, and you can listen to it at the same time over on their SoundCloud page by following this link.

1. In Brackets 06:27
At 6 and a half minutes long this track is a perfect evening starter, and as it features lots of clicks and claps mixed with a melodic synth pattern it is easily enjoyable. The trio are definitely using their love of house and electronic music to an advantage with this one, building up their use of sounds as the track progresses. There is a great drop and steady beat, and even though it’s longer than most songs this doesn’t lose it points – I could (and have) easily listen to it again and again.

 2. 5AM 05:01
Starting immediately with a steady beat and built in jazz-like sounds, the track is another banger that goes far to show the producers’ abilities at making mixed genre music. Plenty of clicks and claps follow like in the previous track, which gives it a great House music feel and keeps the song catchy and easy to dance along to. It also has a slightly chilled section that adds something different to the track and gives it an edge to other similarly made tracks from different producers.

3. Voices 05:23
Voices starts with a subtle drum section and synth pattern that gradually develops as the song continues, creating a great build up into another brilliant electronic track. The track fades before the drop hits, making it even more powerful, and the addition of string sounds give the track something extra. A vocal sample gives an eerie feels to the track, accompanied by piano chords and more repetitive drums that make the track full and catchy.

4. Rare Bloom 06:05
Starting with a clap and tambourine sounds, the track is soon filled in with a synth pattern and starts to gain speed and rhythm. Another deep track at just over 6 minutes long, it gives the listener a chance to get right into the sound, and you just can’t help nodding your head along to the beat. The drop is subtle but it works well, and is followed by lots of waving synth sounds that change throughout the track. It fades out in a similar way to how it began, creating a relaxing ending to what is otherwise an energetic track.

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