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What I’m Listening To: Ben Pearce ‘What I Might Do’ (Karma Kid Remix)

Ben Pearce’s summer track What I Might Do has been a chart success since it’s release on MTA/Mercury Records back in August. Made popular from its use on Tesco’s September F&F adverts, the original has seen a fair amount of remixes and reworks from a range of DJs, including Harry Wolfman, Adam Shelton and Bonar Bradberry.


Its catchy lyrics, quivering background bass and smooth synth patterns create the perfect dancefloor beat, which has seen it rocket to the number 13 spot in the UK Singles Chart. Most recently the track has seen a remix from the likes of British DJ Karma Kid; most popularly known for his silky dance/house numbers In My Arms and Feeling (So Special) featuring Yasmin, which he produced with fellow DJ’s Friend Within.

Karma Kid’s take on the catchy house track sees the inclusion of lots of echoing reverberation over the vocals, along with the original heavier bass waves being replaced by side chained, bouncing synth notes and plenty of catchy clicks and claps. With a jump-up-and-dance drop and added drum notes, Karma Kid has gone all the way to put his signature sound on an already dancefloor-infused beat; almost creating an entirely different track altogether.

Check out the Karma Kid remix above, and to listen to the original of What I Might Do simply follow this link.

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