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What I’m Listening To: Akkord ‘Akkord’ LP

Last month saw the long anticipated release of Akkord’s self-titled album on rising London label Houndstooth. As a two-part project between Manchester-based DJ’s Synkro and Indigo, Akkord’s debut is a perfect mix of electrified synths, rhythmic drum patterns and shaking bass.


The 10-part LP is filled with a heady mix of techno and electronica, encompassed by a notably darker sound in comparison to the pair’s respective releases. Mashing floating dub with glitchy electro, elongated intros with pounding basslines, and sudden drops with echoing reverb gives each track it’s own journey, enticing the listener further into the depths of dance music.

With such an attention to detail, Akkord have created a collection of captivating singles that work faultlessly in their own right, and perfectly as a continuous loop when strung together, as each song advances seamlessly into the next.

With its truly unique take on dance music, the album creates a perfect atmosphere when played in a number of locations, whether blasted through speakers in a packed nightclub, or as the soundtrack to a solitary evening at home. Either way it’s addictive to listen to, and a great taste of what’s to come from Akkord in the future.

Stream Hex AD, taken from the album above, or purchase the full release via Houndstooth here.

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