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Video Review: The Way They Run – Between Wages

As a precursor to their October EP, Safe Haven, Swedish punk outfit, The Way They Run, released this video to accompany Between Wages, one of the four tracks that make the record.

The continuous slow-motion effect nicely complements the pace of The Way They Run’s sound. However, the composition as a whole doesn’t give the audience a great deal to look at, one man running for almost five minutes not being particularly riveting. That said, there is clearly some kind of development and maybe even a storyline.

The changing scenery in the video is synced with the rise and fall of the music. Grey urban landscapes become open fields as the song comes to an end. It certainly lends a sense of escape as the protagonist comes to a satisfied stop in the dusk, stark against a see of natural, green colour.

For a punk video, I find Between Wages certainly lacks the dynamic you might expect from a visual representation of the genre. It does, however, acknowledge its roots in trying to break away form typical urban life. This is apparent when you compare the imagery at both the start and finish of the song.

Through their video, The Way They Run have demonstrated just how effective such a minimalist production can be. Between Wages doesn’t present us with its purpose too readily but given time there’s definitely a point to its seemingly simplistic composition. The only drawback is you may need patience and a slightly open mind to fully appreciate what you’re watching.

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