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EP Review: Against Me! – True Trans EP

EP Review: Against Me! – True Trans EP

Artist: Against Me!
EP: True Trans EP
Tracks: 2
Release Date: 15th July 2013

Against Me! have been one of those bands that have been in the news recently for the controversy surrounding Tom Gabel’s transformation into Laura Jane Grace, around a year ago. Sadly, it drew attention away from the band’s music for a little while, but back to turn the tides Against Me! have released a two-track EP, available for free on their website. The EP will be available as a 7-inch in August, and acts as a sneak-peek for the new album Transgender Dysphoria Blues, later in the year. However, the guys and girl in Against Me! are holding some things back from us. The two songs True Trans Soul Rebel and FuckMyLife666 are watered-down acoustic versions of what we’ll hear on Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

The first song on the EP; FuckMyLife666 is a surprisingly musically upbeat song, starting with vibrant chords and reflective lyrics. However, that’s where the positivity ends. The lyrics pose as Grace’s stream of consciousness, concerning issues of disenchantment, existentialist pondering and reflections of his/her past. As always, the song is lyrically hard-hitting and potent, and the music is catchy as it was on the first EP. Against Me! prove to be a band that change with every release, and yet keep what makes them a truly great band. The second and final song on the EP. True Trans Soul Rebel, is much similar to the first song on the EP. Containing lively chord sequences and powerful vocals. 

If you’re as excited as I am, then you’ll be sure to download the EP, and make sure you pick up the new album when it comes out! Here’s a taste of what we can expect.

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