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The War Z removed from Steam store

The War Z, a zombie survival MMO from Hammerpoint Interactive, has been pulled from the Steam store after having been on sale for just two days.

The game, which seems strikingly similar to the popular Arma II mod Day Z, launched on Steam on Monday and was quickly met with anger from users due to the seemingly false information advertised in the game’s list of features.

The game initially claimed that each world is between one-hundred and four-hundred kilometres in size and that there could be up to one-hundred players on each server at once. Both of these proposals appear to have been false, with the single available map ‘Colorado’ being only seventy-two square kilometres in size and the number of players per server initially being capped at fifty.

In addition to these claims, several others features advertised on the Steam store description also seem to be false. For example, it was advertised that ‘dozens of skills’ could be learnt and that game did not feature in-game transactions. Neither of which appear to be true. The list of features was later amended in response to these complaints, see the images below to compare the initial and altered lists.

However, these changes were not enough to satisfy Valve and the game is now unavailable to buy from the Steam store. Valve has since issued an apology and offered a full refund to those who have already bought the game.


Initial list of features on Steam store


Updated list of features on Steam store


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