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The real first man over Niagara falls

News that may shock many is that Niagara Falls has now been crossed on a tightrope.

According to ITN, Nik Wallenda has become the “First man to tightrope walk across Niagara Falls”. A great achievement no-doubt, but is this strictly true?

The news of this daring feat has brought a shade of deception to over-shadow Wallenda’s five minutes of fame, as history has not been forgotten.

In 1824 a man named Jean François Gravelet was born in St.Omer, France. This man was later known as the great ‘Blondin’. Perhaps it seems hard to believe, but Blondin actually made 17 crossings across Niagara falls – all on a tightrope. This sheer number of crossings isn’t the only reason why Blondin’s crossings are much more impressive than that of Wallenda’s recent feat.

Blondin didn’t just want to cross the great Niagara Falls. It seems ludicrous to think that an ordinary man could not only cross the falls for one, but also perform increasingly dangerous tasks whilst doing so.

Pictured: Blodin (Photo courtesy of The Blondin Memorial Trust).

Walking on stilts or being blindfolded – these are ideas that Blondin not only thought of, but actually executed publicly whilst crossing the huge heights. A very determined individual, the remarkable feats only became more outlandish.

If you were told that a man crossed Niagara falls carrying a stove, stopping along the way to cook an omelette and still reached the end alive, would you place that stunt above Wallenda’s recent one?

Well, this is just another of the insane (or genius) ventures that was completed successfully by Blondin, many, many years ago.

After Wallenda crossed the falls successfully he said:

“The impossible is not quite the impossible if you can set your mind to it” – We say, why don’t you try something that Blondin couldn’t do?

What do you think about the entire situation?

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