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The MoD Man

Fairly new to a business in which entire nations are affected, Oliver Hakin, an engineering technician apprentice, has given his time to answer questions about his life in the Ministry of Defence.

Hakin’s started working for the MoD in 2010 although this was no easy feat. Upon seeing the apprenticeship scheme on the government’s website and sending off a CV, Hakin’s still had to perform an aptitude examination followed by an interview.

When I asked the grammar-school educated technician if the entrance examinations were hard, he replied:

“It wasn’t hard for me but I think some people struggled with it.”

Hakin’s explained that the examinations encompassed research tasks into specific aspects of military hardware as well as demonstrating a vast knowledge of the MoD itself.

As I probed deeper into the workload of Hakin’s I started to feel the air of mystery. The specifics of work within the MoD, like the military itself, are clouded by a veil of secrecy. It’s not surprising considering the role that the MoD has protecting Britain and its allies in an effort to secure world peace.

Currently Hakin’s main role is to develop his understanding of the MoD’ interaction with partner companies which include Rolls Royce and Babcock Marine to name a few of many. Following his current role Hakin’s told me that his perception of society has changed; Hakin’s now realises how much diversity there is in the defence industry.

Working for such a high profile sector in the United Kingdom, Hakin’s knowledge of the media has greatly increased. He went on to tell me that the picture the media paints is very often incorrect or “correct and sensationalised”.

In addition to all that this job brings him; in terms of knowledge, skills and stability, there are even more perks. Hakins reported during the interview that he enjoys his work and the feeling of “satisfaction at the end of the day”. Evidence of his job satisfaction was prominent as the young apprentice went on to express a desire to continue working for the MoD for at least the next few years. Not to say that there is a lack of ambition as his future plans include hopefully working abroad and travelling the world.

It is a real pleasure to interview such a motivated and hard working individual and I am safe in the knowledge that people like engineering technician apprentice Hakin are working to maintain the security of myself and the rest of the public.

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