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The Fire And I: “Double Kamikaze”

A two-piece hailing from Scotland with a penchant for powerful riffs and non-conformity to the extreme. Gordon Love and Hooligan Sadikson are a band that does nothing by halves and really puts itself out their in both recordings and live shows. After developing a reputation for delivering pummeling live shows and adrenaline-fueled performances that put Jason Statham in Crank to shame, they come back for their second album, Double Kamikaze, and they certainly deliver quite the punch.


I can only describe their sound as a hybrid of pop-hardcore and grunge rock. Elements of both shine through in the form of shouted choruses, yelped backing vocals, heavily distorted bass riffs and the occasional shouted verse. The title track from the new album Double Kamikaze is a full on, bass powered monster of a track and I mean that in an entirely good sense. From the onset it bellows at you with a riff that sounds even more powerful coming from a bass and driving drum work remind me of older hardcore bands such as Deez Nuts before flowing into a Queen’s Of The Stone Age style verse with the occasional backing yelp. Ruined//Graffitied really showcases their grunge elements in a punchier way. Harsh, driven vocals with fantastic range and aggression power through the song and the bass riffing comes into a class of its own which I would argue are catchier than most guitar riffs. Subtle indie influences can be heard through most of their songs with the unusual harmonies and time signatures which brings another layer to their already eclectic mix of genres and styles.

The video to Double Kamikaze is hilarious and amazing as well.


A really solid performance from an unfairly unknown band with some serious potential. 4/5

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