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Takedown Festival 2015: ZOAX


As a band that haven’t been in the industry for all too long, standing and watching Zoax open up the main stage of Takedown Festival would make you dumbstruck as to why they weren’t higher up on the bill. From the moment they graced the stage, vocalist Adam Carroll stormed through each song with both strong clean vocals and screams that shook the walls.

Carroll’s a born entertainer—it didn’t take long until he dived down into the crowd and caused a ruckus. In between singing he managed to collect a handbag, a pair of sunglasses and even a phone that he danced around with before playfully weaving in and out of the laughter. As security chased after him, it felt like watching a naughty child running around, screaming in the faces of unsuspecting members of the crowd and making light-hearted jokes that truly gave the performance an edge.

Zoax’s music itself is different; despite consisting of heavy riffs, they’re not afraid to toy with different elements which most bands seem too afraid to do and they’ve perfected what they know best—to experiment. Carroll’s high notes are quite angelic in contrast to the breakdowns and they’re all fuelled with a relentless energy, using the entire stage to throw themselves around and show just how much they’re enjoying what they’re doing.

Zoax aren’t a band that should be treated as an ‘opener’ because they are so much more. Despite every band having to start somewhere, they honestly deserve to be thrown straight into a headlining slot and huge things are coming for them.

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