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Takedown Festival 2015: Dendera

From the first song, it’s easy to see who Dendera cite as their major influences. Despite the sad lack of wild hair and tight jeans, the local Portsmouth lads transport you back to the eighties with their heavy breakdowns mixed with Ashley Edison’s insane vocal range that hits notes most women wouldn’t be able to reach. From a burly, bearded man, you would never expect him to deliver a voice like that with such confidence and power yet Edison manages to shock and wow the crowd with ease.

Though the performance itself was fairly simple, Edison cannot be faulted for trying his hardest to engage with the crowd and the band themselves were clearly enjoying themselves but when you’ve been given the second slot on a small stage, it must be hard to interact with a dwindling crowd. Even so, they powered through without a care in the world and offered a performance that could easily have been translated to a bigger, headline show.

If Iron Maiden and The Darkness were to have some weird and wonderful lovechild, Dendera would be that result. Though they have a niche market, they’ve refined their talents and understand their strengths that shine through. Any fan of eighties metal would thrive from Dendera’s presence and they’re proof that this era of music will never die out.

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