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Takedown Festival 2014: Yashin

Takedown Festival 2014: Yashin

Just before Scottish band, Yashin were due to play, the venue started to fill slowly, then quickly and kept going and going until it was packed to the rafters. The trademark of a band marked as a crowd favourite for Takedown Festival this year. If you need any convincing as to why Yashin were earmarked as one of the crowd’s favourite bands, take a listen to one of their most recent singles.

The first few songs were built with ferocious energy and passed in the blink of an eye, another symptom of a crowd fully lost in the moment. In the first fifteen minutes there are circle pits scattered throughout the crowd, and the audience members that filled the space between the pits were surging in unison, hands in the air. It was safe to say that Harry Radford, lead vocalist for the band, had the crowd wrapped around his little finger: he told them to jump and they jumped.

The guitarists Paul Travers, Connor MacLeod and bassist Andrew McShane ensured there were no unfilled spaces left on the stage, perhaps in effort of maintaining the positive atmosphere in the room, or perhaps because they did not want to stop and lose their energy. Whatever the reason, they did their job in floating the crowd along as Radford attempts a Macklemore signature move, standing on the crowd and walking from one side to another on their hands, relying on them to hold him up.


Yashin’s second and ‘unclean’ vocalist Kevin Miles offered the heavier aspects of the set, and harmonized with Harry Radford expertly until once again the circle pits began to form throughout the crowd. Towards the end of the set, Yashin produced a natural finish, playing a slower song, causing the audience to throw down their balled fists and sway their arms from side to side with one another.

Overall, Yashin were stellar, true to form and gave a display of well-rehearsed showmanship, keeping the energy up and never giving the crowd a chance to get bored. What more could you possibly want?

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