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Takedown Festival 2014: Octane Ok

Takedown Festival 2014: Octane Ok

Birmingham-born band Octane Ok started off their set on the Big Deal Stage with Pretty Lady from the five-track So Alive. They were full of energy as you could expect from a band that were playing the festival for the first time, and engaged the crowd in classic band shouts, stirring them to get to their feet and fill every inch of free space.

Their opening song provided an explosive start and without a pause for breath, and they slid into their second, more calmer song, casting out a wave of light relief over the crowd. The vocals were very much en-pointe throughout the song, sounding as close to the record as you could hope from a live performance. I had pushed my way close to the front and I could feel the drums shaking the air around me. Not a bad performance for a band who were down one man due to a stag-do in Amsterdam.


After the relief of the second song, Octane Ok burst back into the frenetic beat that they started their show with, jumping around the stage creating a pattern, oscillating between fast and slow-paced songs. Personally, I feel as though that’s the best route they could have gone down for creating a set; giving the audience the chance to actually hear what the band were saying which was perfect for new-listeners, as well as offering older fans the opportunity to become immersed in the music.

Once Octane Ok had felt that they had done an adequate job of uniting old and newer fans, the drew everyone closer to the stage for their next song: The One. This song was proof of the band’s excellent chemistry and that you can have a band where bassists are meant to be heard in the forefront, and not something to be lost in the background.

Their penultimate song was an older one called Fly Again, from the same release as their opener: Pretty Lady, and had the crowd moving around with the kind of energy that comes with a song when people realise that their time is almost up. For their final song, Octane Ok made a risky move and played a new song. Usually most acts will play their most famous or most energetic song for an encore as a chance to give the crowd one final chance to become one in the crowd. However, despite this move, the crowd received the new song as well as you could hope for as a band. If you’d like some idea of what I’ve been talking about, check out their video for Survive.

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