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Takedown Festival 2014: Heart in Hand

Takedown Festival 2014: Heart in Hand

I had never heard of British metal act Heart In Hand before, but I immediately saw that they were a band loaded with energy, powerful riffs and exemplary drum rhythms. Evidence of this lies in their song Only Memories, arguably one of the band’s most renowned songs.

On stage, the band were highly energetic and had little problem in filling the large stage, giving them an intense stage presence, urging the crowd to give back as much as Heart in Hand were giving them.

Apart from the moustache, lead singer Charlie Holmes had a similar stage presence to Oli Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon, with matching tattoos and heavy accent when addressing the crowd. The band’s interactivity with the crowd was second to none, producing a circle pit engulfing the standing area within a short amount of time.


It was clear to see how confident Heart in Hand were on stage, making demands of the crowd in between screaming his way through the set. Unfortunately, it was difficult to hear each and every word he was saying, although that is part and parcel when you see a metal act live. That being said, the emotion displayed in the songs was not to be ignored.

Without a doubt, the only way that you can listen to Heart in Hand is with the volume up to 11 so that you can feel the drums hit through your chest and just allow yourself to be immersed for the three or four minutes a song is on. If this sounds like a band you could get your teeth into, take a look at their video for Almost There.

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