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Steam Winter Sale and New Humble Bundle Launch

Today marked the start of this year’s Steam Winter Sale, and with it the lightening of many gamer’s wallets.

The latest seasonal sale to hit the Steam store will run from today, December 20th, until January 5th and you can expect to see big reductions on games throughout this period.

As usual, the Winter Sale features two types of deals: daily deals (which last forty-eight hours) and flash deals, which only last for a short period of time. However, there’s no need to be afraid of missing out on grabbing your desired game while it’s cheap, as Steam will send you an email when a game on your wishlist appears in a daily deal.

Top picks from the initial set of deals include:

Mirror’s Edge: £3.24

Prince Of Persia: £2.49

Hitman: Absolution: £14.99

The Hitman Collection: £3.74

Borderlands: £2.49

Borderlands 2: £14.99

If these games don’t tickle your fancy, then perhaps the latest Humble Indie Bundle is for you.

The seventh Indie bundle was released yesterday and once again offers some great titles for unbelievable value for money. For those unaware (where have you been?) the Humble Indie Bundle is a selection of Indie games, this time a film too, where you can choose both how much you pay and where your money goes to, that is: to the developers, to charity or to Humble Bundle itself.

This bundle includes: Snapshot, The Binding Of Isaac, Closure, Shank 2 plus the documentary Indie Game: The Movie. In addition to this, if you pay above the average amount, which at the time of writing is $6.38, you also grab Dungeon Defenders and Legend Of Grimrock. Here’s a video showing the games in action.

The bundle only lasts for two weeks so make sure you pick it up in time!


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