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Source claims next Xbox won’t support second hand games

Yet more rumours have emerged regarding the next generation of consoles, this time surrounding the next Xbox.

Sources have told Edge that Microsoft’s next console, code-named ‘Durango’, will always require an internet connection and won’t support second-hand games. Physical copies of games will come with activation codes, which once used will render the game useless to any future users. This feature has a potential to seriously affect the pre-owned games market, something which is still an important area to street retailers.

The source also claimed that the next Xbox will release with new iterations of both Xbox Live and Kinect, games will be manufactured on 50GB blu-ray discs and it appears that the PlayStation 4 may be the more powerful of the two consoles.

Sony is thought to be officially announcing the PS4 at their ‘See The Future’ event later this month.

What are your thoughts on these rumours? Should they turn out to be true, what sort of affect, if any,  do you think it will have on the popularity of the next Xbox? Please leave your thoughts below!

Source: Edge

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