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Soma Sundays #6: Deepbass


As with many genres, there’s an abundance of house and techno music out there to listen to and it can be difficult to know where to start or who to listen to next. This is why we’ve decided to team up with the ever-respected house and techno record label, Soma Records, to give you the low-down on their artists and bring you up-to-date with some important producers you should know about. 

For Soma Sunday #6 we spoke to techno producer Deepbass. As well as making his debut release on Soma Records soon, Deepbass also runs his own record label, Informa Records. We found out what he’s got planned for 2015, why techno is the genre for him and much more in our interview with him below. 

HUNOW: For people who don’t know your music, which release of yours would you recommend they listen to first?

DB: I think a good place to start would be my Fragments Of Imagination EP which is from the 3rd release on my label Informa Records. It’s a couple of years old now but I still have people approaching me often telling me how much they connect with the tracks Process & Orion. They have stood the test of time for me and I still play them out a lot.

HUNOW: You’re debuting on Soma Records soon, how did that come to be?

DB: I’m really excited about my 1st release on Soma, being from Glasgow it has always been an ambition to do something for this iconic local label. I was approached by them a while back and requested me to make a remix for Lewis Fautzi’s track Range. After that I was asked to send over some original material for an EP which of course I was happy to do.

HUNOW: Can you talk us through the release you’ve got coming out on Soma Records?

DB: The release consists of two atmospheric deep techno tracks Moha & Dune which are immersed in rolling basslines, evolving spacey pads and endless hypnotic melodies. When working on tracks I try to create a vivid atmosphere with all elements if the track moving freely in an organic way. Hypnosis is something you will hear me associating with my music with a lot. I believe repetitive rhythms have the power to captivate you into the music and get lost in it, this release is a good example of that.

HUNOW: What is it about techno music that makes you want to produce it rather than other types of electronic music? dbass

DB: The thing I personally love about techno is the energy, for me there is no other genre of music that can create so much feeling and atmosphere. Also techno is different from most genres as there are no real boundaries on how a track should sound or be structured, its anything goes and the creativity from the artists just continues to amaze and inspire me.

HUNOW: What’s your dream setup for making music?

DB: Over the last couple of years I’ve been adding more and more hardware to my studio setup, something I have really got the bug for and adding to it when possible. So my dream setup would consist of wall to wall racks of synths, drum machines, external effect units. Let’s throw in a Funktion-One rig and move the studio to a rooftop apartment in Barcelona and that be a dream for me.

HUNOW: What has been the hardest part of establishing yourself as a techno artist?

DB: I think in the current scene the hardest thing to do is to stand out from the crowd, with such an overpopulated market there is always lots of cool music coming out but only a small percent of it is actually something original, usually just blending in with the current trends in the scene. Since I started the Deepbass project I have never changed my sound to go with current trends but simply stuck to my guns, made the music I love while always looking forward and trying to evolve the sound and move it forward. This would be my advice to anyone who is currently trying to break into the techno scene.

HUNOW: Have you got anything musical lined up for 2015 we should be listening out for?

DB: 2015 should be a good year for me, got lots of releases scheduled already such as the Soma release, The next additions from my label Informa Experiments 002 & INFORMA008, some really nice collaborative releases with nAX_Acid, the 3rd collaboration with Ness coming on Dynamic Reflection, another release on Glasgow based Edit Select Records and a selection of remixes.

To find out more about Deepbass you can visit his:

Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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