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Soma Sundays #4: Secluded


As with many genres, there’s an abundance of house and techno music out there to listen to and it can be difficult to know where to start or who to listen to next. This is why we’ve decided to team up with the ever-respected house and techno record label, Soma Records, to give you the low-down on their artists and bring you up-to-date with some important producers you should know about. 

 Soma Sunday #4 sees us interviewing techno artist Secluded. Better known as Hans Bouffmyhre, Secluded is Bouffmyhre’s techno alias created in 2012. Despite running his own label Sleaze Records, Secluded also continues to release on Soma Records and create a different sound in comparison to his main moniker Hans Bouffmyhre. We found out about what’s next for Secluded and where to start with his music. 

HUNOW: For those who don’t who you are yet, which release of yours would you recommend they listen to first?

S: I would probably suggest for them to check the first secluded release I produced, which was Dimension EP on EarToGround. This was a special release for me and I was lucky enough to hear Ben Klock playing two of the tracks at Berghain when I was there for the first time. It also includes top quality remixes by Jonas Kopp & Markus Suckut.

HUNOW: Secluded is your techno alias. What made you decide to split yourself into Secluded and Hans Bouffmyhre?

S: I had made a bunch of new tracks which I felt were heading in a different direction and decided to start a new alias, rather than releasing a different style as Hans Bouffmyhre. For the first few releases not many people knew it was me, but after being asked about it a few times I just decided to announce it properly.

HUNOW: You’ve got a new release titled Remember coming out soon on Soma Records, how will it sound in comparison to your Proceed EP?

S: Well for me title track has a great groove and the main chords stick in your head when you hear it. The b-side Force Of Nature is more of a banger, with rave stabs and a pounding beat. I have to say that both of these tracks have been stand outs from my recent Secluded live set.

HUNOW: How did you first start working with Soma Records?sec1

S: Being from Glasgow I’ve always known about Soma Records. I went to many of their parties when I was younger and was always inspired by what they were doing. My first release on Soma was a remix for Let’s Go Outside a few years back, but more recently they are enjoying focusing on my Secluded productions.

HUNOW: What’s been the highlight of your musical career so far? Do you have stories you could share about playing out?

S: There’s been many highlights and a lot of amazing gigs. Releasing my first album on Sleaze Records last year was special. Our label showcases at ADE over the past few years have been outstanding and can also be known to get very messy backstage!

HUNOW: As both a label boss and a producer you must be a very busy man. What would you say is the best way to stay productive?

S: I think it must come natural to me, but I do still have my lazy moments! I’ve recently got a new studio/office space with my two brothers and its great to be able to leave the house and go to work every day. I’m definitely feeling more productive now that my studio is away from my home and I can set aside more time for productions and label work.

HUNOW: Which three techno artists should fans be listening to at the moment?

S: Three guys who I’m always playing at the moment are Developer, Subjected & Flug. All solid producers but sometimes maybe fly under the radar a bit. These guys deserve more attention for sure!

To find out more about Secluded you can visit his:

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