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Soma Sundays #2: Roberto Clementi


As with many genres, there’s an abundance of house and techno music out there to listen to and it can be difficult to know where to start or who to listen to next. This is why we’ve decided to team up with the ever-respected house and techno record label, Soma Records, to give you the low-down on their artists and bring you up-to-date with some important producers you should know about. 

For our second entry in our Soma Sundays series we interviewed the Italian techno artist, Roberto Clementi (RC). Clementi has been making dub-infused techno and other variations of the genre for years but has recently released his debut full-length album N Lights on Soma Records, with more releases to come.  

HUNOW: How did you and Soma Records come to work together?

RC: I was releasing on Brendon Moeller’s label Steadfast Records and I’d received positive feedback from the Slam guys during the promotion, so I sent some demos to Soma. They listened and asked me to send more, and then they decided to take me on board. It’s amazing because I’ve opened this door only with my music.

HUNOW: For anyone who isnt familiar with all of your music, which release of yours would you say is the best introduction to your compositions?

RC: It’s very difficult to give you a quick reply, my sound is a continued personal evolution, maybe my first release is my first Soma ep Feeling of Empathy. I would like that my followers have an idea about me like ‘ah this is Clementi’s new release, finally something different to play at the moment’, something for your warm-up, something for a peak time, something for the early morning…

HUNOW: Ive read that you like to use some analogue synthesisers in your production, what are your favourite pieces of equipment to make music with?

RC: My all time favourite synth is my Roland Juno 106 and my favourite studio tool is Sherman filter bank. I’ve owned a lot of analogue stuff in the past, so now I’ve built my personal samples library, but if I’m honest, I look at people everyday that post photos about expensive studio gear on Facebook. I think that it is important to have a clear idea about what kind of sound you would like to reach, so every digital or hardware instrument could help you…

HUNOW: Which producers are you personally enjoying listening to the most at the moment?

RC: It’s too long of a list… but at the moment I really like Joey Anderson, Pattern Repeat, Nik Hoppner, Norman Nodge, Luke Hess, Zenker Brothers, Etapp Kyle, XDB, Deepchord, Claro Intelecto, TM404, Heiko Laux, Axel Boman, Kris Wadsworth, XHEI, Randomer, Herva, Stenny, Erdbeerschnitzel, Makam, Actress, Marcell Dettmann, Ben Klock, Coeter, Cleric, Len Faki…

HUNOW: Youve got another release on Soma Records coming out (although its TBC), can you give us any more information about what that might be and how it may compare to your other releases on the label?

RC: Yes I’ve got one or two incoming releases on Soma, which maybe will be more dance floor oriented than the others releases, I’ve released my N Lights album this Summer with slow dub stuff and now is time to rock

HUNOW: Why is techno the genre for you and what is the most important element when making techno music?

RC: Techno for me is a natural process born inside me and is growing up every weekend. After years of parties I’ve understood that techno music is a sincere thing, really what people want in a precise time. A lot of house and electronic DJs play techno in peak time but never speak about it. I like it, from the dub and emotional sides, to the pounding side.

To find out more about Roberto Clementi you can visit his:

Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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