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Single/Video Review: You Me At Six – ‘Cold Night’

Single/Video Review: You Me At Six – ‘Cold Night’

Following the release of their fourth studio album Cavalier Youth earlier this year in January, You Me At Six have since released Lived A Lie and Fresh Start Fever as singles. If you’re interested in what we thought about the band’s latest album, you can find out here. Their latest single to be released, and one of my favourite tracks from the new album; Cold Night which is now available to be bought on-line and as of yesterday has a brand new music video to go with it.


In a documentary released along with Cavalier Youth the band said that rhythm guitarist Max Helyer kept playing this riff on repeat whilst they were trying to record other material and after wearing them down, they all thought it was really good and so decided to keep it for a future song. The song is more laid back and not as anthemic as the prior two singles which makes a good change in my opinion.

Lived A Lie and Fresh Start Fever were all about You Me At Six making themselves known and heard in 2014 with the arrival of their new album and now they have everyone’s attention they can take a step back and let Cold Night take over and do the work of revealing the more artistic and advanced aspects of the record. I’m not entirely sure of the meaning behind the song, although I think that regardless of that whoever listens to it will be able to relate to the lyrics. From the opening lines of: “It was a cold night, we laid with each other just to stay warm up all hours” to the bridge; “I knew the moment I met you, I could never lose you.” I think that anybody can relate to them because they are simple but they could stand for so much more. When you really listen to the lyrics I think you hear the song for maybe it’s deeper meaning and then match it to your own life. It’s something to enjoyed in the private moments of the night when you’re stuck up thinking about that girl or boy even though you know it probably won’t help.

Vocalist Josh Franceschi brought his A-game with this song, the words are clear to understand but you can still hear his own personality shining through. Often times, simplicity is the key. However, the song still has a kick to it and definitely has a build-up and then a powerful climax so don’t think this they’ve let you down because it isn’t as loud as the prior two singles.

The video was dropped on Monday via VEVO and it’s different to their normal style of video making. Normally there is a clear story line e.g. UnderdogSave It For The Bedroom and Finders Keepers or it’s simply a performance video e.g. The ConsequenceKiss And Tell and If I Were In Your Shoes. However in this video they overlap themselves playing individually in a dark room on top of scenic locations and shots with a lot of fades here and there. They also add shots of them walking around town and in the back of a taxi which is a nice touch.

At times you can feel yourself getting a bit dizzy because of all the fast movements in the video but I don’t thin that the video would have worked as well if it didn’t have the fast pace. I think that the video is well suited for the song and even bassist Matt Barnes tweeted and said “I reckon it’s the best one yet …” [sic]

Overall Cold Night is a an all round excellent music video and single and I think that You Me At Six did a very good job. I can’t wait to see what they release next.

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