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Single Review: The Noises We Make While No One is Around – Playing Ghost

Single Review: The Noises We Make While No One is Around – Playing Ghost

Band: The Noises We Make While No One is Around
Single: Playing Ghost
Label: Independent

I’ll be honest with you, I hadn’t even heard of the artist, The Noises We Make While No One is Around before writing this review, so of course I went in with an open mind and a keyboard at my finger tips, feeling nothing but ready to review the unknown. But I was actually unprepared to the point of almost being speechless (or typeless in this case). The single Playing Ghosts opens with no eagerness and an ever so subtle sound of a piano. The song takes it’s time to evolve as an eerie edge kicks in, the eerie edge you would expect to hear in the opening scene of a Tim Burton film. You know how it goes… A soft piano leads you to suburbia but takes an odd twist redirecting you to a castle where (enter creepy piano) there stands Edward Scissorhands or, a playing ghost perhaps? Pun most definitely intended.

This song almost mirrors this cycle down to a ‘T’ until the vocals of a female intrude, filling the song with a dark essence dripping off each echoing lyric. These lyrics are sung softly, almost too softly in fact and as a ghost would, she is almost summoning us, not to possess us but to cause us to listen. Through these chilling whispers the echoing increases, making me wonder if it’s intentional or if they just have a bad recording system, who knows? Either way it makes an impact. It’s just plan creepy. The more this song develops the more twisted and intoxicating it gets, although I must admit, this isn’t the type of music to get your adrenaline pumping, it’s very mellow with a sort of different take on the definition of music. It doesn’t entertain, it entices. I like it. There is also a B-side to this single, White Flags, which is more of an extension of Playing Ghost rather than an individual track.
At this point the mellow aspect turns into a dreary one and boredom begins to creep in; my mind began to wander and I found myself thinking about what they’d be like to watch on a stage. But my point is, this where you don’t want to be, where the music no longer captivates your interest. I think this artist has a lot of courage to pursue putting this genre of music out there (whatever that genre may be, haunting folkcore… Or something?). It may succeed, it may not and probably won’t due to the negative vibes. If it does I salute them and recommend a better recording studio. If it doesn’t at least they have certainly made an impact.

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