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Single Review: The Hics – All We’ll Know

This South London collective will see the release of their second single, ‘All We’ll Know’, on June 16th following their debut EP, ‘Tangle’. This young group having formed in university and since grown into a multi-instrumental five piece, writing and producing all their own work. Stemming from a more classical background the group are producing highly professional and exciting results. Furthermore their success is on the rise, enhanced by being featured alongside Snoop Dogg, Muse and Rihanna on the Grand Theft Auto radio soundtrack.

The first chord from the piano accompanied by the haunting echo of a female voice reminded me of Leona Lewis’ ‘I See You’ from James Cameron’s Avatar. Then as the synth kicks in, the male and female entwined harmonies, of Sam Evans and Roxane Dayette, shadow that of Clean Bandit. The tracks electronic and melodic mix creates quite a psychedelic and dreamy feel. It is a very powerful song and it accomplishes a very moving and complex atmosphere in its own unique way. If electronic pop is a music genre that excites you then this up and coming act is very worth checking out and keeping an eye on as the group are now working on the debut album.


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