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Single Review: The Deep Red Sky – Kids

Artist: The Deep Red Sky (covering MGMT)

Single: Kids

Release Date: 7th October 2013

A cover though, it may be, The Deep Red Sky have struck upon something poignant with their re-work of MGMT’s indie hit, Kids. Due for release on the 7th of October, this is not a track to be pre-empted as having no original flair.

Covers all too often turn out to be bands applying different instruments to a song’s components without making it their own. However, The Deep Red Sky have taken steps to avoid falling into this trap. Time has been put in to create a composition that dials down the instrumentals, paying more attention to the narrative contained within the lyrics. The end result is something with a similar effect to Gary Jules’s cover of Tears for Fears’ Mad World. While both originals contain iconic electronic melodies, their mellower counterparts allow the listener to sit back and absorb the melancholy within the verbal message of the song.

In the case of this cover, the retrospective of the song is highlighted by a far quieter, moodier start, which as this shorter version progresses, lifts into a crescendo of emotion at a loss of innocence and past youth. It’s does appear to be a delayed realisation though. The sombre guitars now becoming the most prominent instrument, herald a far more negative mood from the start but not too much is demanded emotionally at this point. However, as we enter the second minute of the track, the guitars and drums work themselves into a crashing frenzy. The overall effect is something that fully transmits the pain of the song’s subject.

The Deep Red Sky have clearly looked into the disturbing visuals that MGMT originally put to Kids in their music video. In this remake, the child’s demons have now been turned into an aural representation. Although the original’s musical and visual elements did create a powerful juxtaposition together, it has to be said that The Deep Red Sky have achieved much the same impact with the song alone.

There’s no doubt that the latter band have more comfortably married the lyrics and melody.  As a result, the overall composition should certainly gain a far more emotional response.

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