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Single Review: Tapedeck 45 – Johnny, How Could You?

Tapedeck 45 004

Artist: Tapedeck 45

Single: Johnny, How Could You?

Number of Tracks: 2

Release Date: 18 May 2014

Come 18 May, we shall be hearing from one of Dundee’s very latest offerings, Tapedeck 45, as they release their first official material in the form of their debut single, Johnny, How Could You?

The single’s namesake track kicks things off with an infectiously retro sounding guitar-based rhythm. It’s probably not too far off to call it reminiscent of some The Police’s rockier material. Top that off with a chorus from shared vocalists, Samuel Stewart and Simon Cruikshank, and you have a fairly emotive tapestry laid out in front of you. Simple though the song construction is, Tapedeck 45 seem to have created an easily relatable and emotionally engaging track.

On top of this, the band have added reviving the B-side to their list of throwback characteristics with The Truth. This opens up the far more up-beat side of the band, allowing for a nicely balanced debut set of recordings. Whether or not you find their more sombre angle more attractive will purely be down to personal preference but Tapedeck 45’s ability to keep a constantly catchy rhythm throughout the two moods is certainly something to be noted.

It does strike me that the chirpy up-down stroke chord pattern of The Truth does blend in as a staple of most indy bands these days, but having demonstrated some real potential with Johnny, How Could You? it’s easy enough to overlook this. Even more so when you realise how important it is for Tapedeck 45 to just demonstrate some kind of thematic range at this early stage.

Non Zeros 22032014

There’s certainly promise in Tapedeck 45’s sound and if you want to catch them yourself as they continue to make headway then you can check them out live on the follow dates:

21 May 2014 – Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

23 May 2014 – The Green Rooms, Perth

24 May 2014 – The Eagle Bar, Inverness

31 May 2014 – Non Zero’s, Dundee

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