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Single Review: Shambles In A Husk – Medications


If you haven’t heard of Shambles In A Husk (and don’t worry, I hadn’t either), then I’ll tell you now, you’ve been missing out.

The Glasgow-based quartet are aural warfare on a magnificent scale. They are loud, brash, melodic and fast, and when considering that they list Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Adebisi Shank in their wide and eclectic range of influences, this isn’t the biggest surprise in the world.

Formed in 2013 from ex-members of Crusades, Super Adventure Club and The Darien Venture, Shambles In A Husk are big supporters of DIY music, being heavily influenced by Washington DC’s DIY scene, as well as the ethos of many hardcore punk bands.

Medications, released earlier this week, is the second track from Shambles In A Husk, and boy, is it a doozy. Opening with frenzied drumming and a climbing guitar riff, complemented by some soaring backing synth parts, it starts hard, and only gets harder.

Featuring an almost progressive element, Medications never gets boring. The guitar rarely drops tempo, allowing the rhythm section to really shine through the mix – it’s heavy and is a good indication of what this band can do.

Finishing high, the track pauses for a moment, before one last crescendo. It’s a mighty beast of a track, so if there’s one complaint to make, it’s that there’s not enough of it. With the song clocking in at 2:22, you can’t help but want more.

Thankfully, Shambles In A Husk promise to deliver. With three more singles to come, the band hope to release their debut EP later in 2014, to be swiftly followed by a European tour. A band definitely to be recommended, keep an eye out for them on the UK metal scene. You won’t be disappointed.

You can find out more about Shambles In A Husk by visiting their:

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