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Single Review: Saint Agnes – Old Bone Rattle

Single Review: Saint Agnes – Old Bone Rattle

Artist: Saint Agnes
Single: Old Bone Rattle
Release Date: 10 June 2014
Label: Energy Snake Records

For fans of a good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll style foot-stomping, Saint Agnes have released their new single Old Bone Rattle, laced with all the buzz and shimmy of something that hails from a place close to the heart of heavy rock’s beginnings.

Before the B-side is even reached, the title track almost becomes a two-parter by itself. Starting out with a percussive stomp and rattle, Old Bone Rattle eventually gives in to the less weighty keyboard melodies hinted at earlier on in the track. This allows the piece to finally come to a soaring head as a guitar forms its own harsher layer of noise over the now softened foundations.

This transition from rhythmic to ghostly certainly inspires a case of the chills but at no point does it ever feel unpleasant, something reassuringly familiar about the sound always making it a welcome presence. The far more tangible guitar part seems to banish some of the abstractly haunting overtones of the organ keys, the final result providing something substantial on which to keep a mental hold but never losing that slightly undefinable aspect.

The B-side, a cover of The Doors’ Roadhouse Blues, maintains this mixture of comfort and chilling psychedelia as it takes a more acoustic approach. This said, the feel is no less gritty in its western twang as it is accompanied by the swell and ebb of a harmonica’s dirty whine.

The cinematic power of the single as a whole is perhaps one of the most powerful attributes of Saint Agnes. Throughout both tracks, the images of swirling desert sand in the wind and swinging saloon doors never stop surfacing. All this put to the vocal stylings of Jon Tufnell and Kitty Austen creates a vivid photo-reel for the mind. Here’s hoping this very three-dimensional single will lead to some equally absorbing longer records.

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