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Single Review: Pilot For A Day – A Little More (Acoustic)

Single Review: Pilot For A Day – A Little More (Acoustic)

Artist: Pilot For A Day
Single: A Little More (Acoustic)
From the Album: Better Air (Deluxe Version)
Number of Tracks: 1
Release Date: 1 July 2014

Philadelphia pop-punkers, Pilot For A Day, are currently premièring A Little More (Acoustic), the second advance single from the deluxe version of their début album, Better Air, set for release on 1 July.

The track is one of three acoustic additions for the extended version of the album. While covering the easy-listening aspect of the genre, this re-hash of the full-band version does do something to dilute the feeling that the song belongs on the soundtrack of a TV teen drama. The reduced level of production eliminates the slightly distracting synth aspect, making it a rather generically pleasant piece of audio.

Compare the original version of A Little More below with its acoustic counterpart, currently premièred on Guitar World:

It certainly fits with the rest of the album, blending well with the cohort of 12 other breezy and uplifting serenades that Better Air (Deluxe Version) has on offer. However, this does mean that it picks up some of the same flaws too. When dealing with influences such as Mayday Parade and Boys Like Girls, there is a need to build on what they’ve already done in such a saturated market. Unfortunately, at times Pilot For A Day seem to struggle to do this, songs like Thanks to CL, My FMLY & All My Homies hitting far too close to Mayday Parade to leave any room for much of a new take on the sound.

1. Take This Chance
2. Count To Ten
3. Extraordinary Life (feat. Andrew Volpe)
4. Thanks to CL, My FMLY & All My Homies
5. Ticket to Somewhere
6. A Little More
7. Alleys and Sidestreets
8. On. Set. Coast.
9. From Somewhere to Here
10. Midwest Kings
11. From Somewhere (Acoustic)
12. A Little More (Acoustic)
13. Take This Chance (Acoustic)

A Little More (Acoustic) is certainly a welcome extension the band’s repertoire. The minor element of freshness it adds to Better Air is an effective reminder of how a minimalist approach by a can help when dealing with a very pop-orientated sound.

By tidying up some of their tracks, Pilot For A Day are on the way to generating some cleaner, and indeed better, air.

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