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Single Review: Josh Taerk – Grace

Single Review: Josh Taerk – Grace

Artist: Josh Taerk
Single: Grace
Album: Josh
Release Date: 2nd September 2013

For all of you who can call Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Counting Crows or even Eric Church some of your favourite artists, then 22-year-old singer-songwriter Josh Taerk may be the new name to add to your mp3 player this year. The young Canadian has been all across the UK this summer promoting the release of his upcoming singleGrace,due out the 2nd September.

Grace, the ballad that can be described as poignant Americana, a young man with a sad story and a slide guitar to help him tell it. Taerk described the song as being about:

Grace was written based on an experience I had with a girl at school. This girl found out I liked her and would lead me on but then date other guys. The song is an allegory for the responsibility we all have when we deal with other people’s feelings… At the time it was hard to see what I was getting into especially because of the feelings I had for this person. Looking back on it allowed me to see what was really going on and gave me the perspective I needed to write this song. The main character in the story loves this woman, yet the woman gives love to anyone willing to take it without considering the feelings of everyone involved, including her own

Josh has had some success so far, making a fan out of Max Weinberg, made famous for being Bruce Springsteen’s long-time drummer in the E-Street Band. To some extent, I can see why Weinberg likes Taerk, there are catchy hooks, upbeat instrumentation, and the voice of a country angel, however, I can’t help but feel that this song is nothing that we haven’t heard before. I do appreciate Americana, and I will listen when I get the chance, but it seems to me that every singer-songwriter into that genre, has to have songs all about the same things. Yes Josh is a great artist, but no, it’s nothing original. Perhaps with the release of his upcoming album Josh we may hear some diversity in the music.

Here’s one of Josh’s songs so that you can make up your own mind about him.

If you liked what you heard from Josh, you can hear more from him at his Facebook page, or watch more of him on his YouTube page.

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