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Single Review: James McKean and the Blueberry Moon – The Redeemer

Single Review: James McKean and the Blueberry Moon – The Redeemer

Artist: James McKean and the Blueberry Moon
Single: The Redeemer
From the Album: No Peace for the Wicked
Release Date: 30 July 2014

The Redeemer is the new single by James McKean and the Blueberry Moon. The Blueberry Moon are a collective centred around McKean and fellow singer-songwriter Ross Palmer. The Redeemer is the first single from the collective’s forthcoming album No Peace For The Wicked. The track has been released along with two B-sides, the first is a cover of  Tim Hardin’s Black Sheep Boy and the second is another original song, titled Tomorrow Never Comes. They have also released a music video for the single.

The single has an unusual atmosphere to it, which grips you immediately on first listen. The track’s intense atmospheric quality transports you to a dark, smoke-filled blues club where everyone calls on another ‘cats’ and wears dark tinted sunglasses. McKean has a sobering and sincere vocal delivery, rattling and low, with all the honesty of Leonard Cohen.

The track’s production is low-key and makes no bones about what they’re trying to achieve – the dark and grimy mixing, to a song which couldn’t really be done any other way, and would be lessened if it had high quality producers behind the wheel. As you will be able to hear from the video above, the space between the instruments provides an open field on the track, benefiting from the live band performance. It really showcases good old-fashioned skill with an instrument and it can get you shaking your skull along to the moody bass.

This track is definitely worth checking out for fans of singer-songwriters and more bluesy acoustic music. The quality of this track really shows the potential of James McKean and the Blueberry Moon and no doubt more great music will come from the release of their album in the coming months.

To download The Redeemer EP, please visit James McKean and the Blueberry Moon’s Bandcamp.

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