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SINGLE REVIEW: Jack Cookson – My Eyes Were Blind

This song is the first original composition released by independent British musician – Jack Cookson.

My Eyes Were Blind is an alternative acoustic-folk track which certainly adds to the appeal of the song as a whole. Upon first hearing this song I was pretty astounded at the quality, especially considering the fact that this isn’t a huge established artist with professional recording opportunities.

Jack Cookson, who has already gained a moderate amount of success with his YouTube channel with over 50,000 video views has now released his first original track, hopefully the first of many.

The song encompasses the use of two guitars, a banjo and vocals, all performed by Cookson himself.This single has a very deep and rich sound throughout, utilising a very solid chord progression. The timbre of the guitar is very warm and definitely provides a backdrop for the rest of the song opposed to trying to be prominent in the mix.I think that the use of the banjo provides a melody which is very reflective and sits comfortably but not too subtly with the rest of the track. Essentially the arrangement throughout the song is genuinely quite haunting. However, during the song there is a banjo solo which seems to embody a feeling of joy. The contrast between the haunting arrangement and a pleasant reflection of past memories really works well and it isn’t everyday that a song carries such gravity.

The theme of the song is looking at the loss of innocence through the medium of a relationship and shows both regrets and treasured moments. Jack Cookson as a lyric writer hasn’t failed to write some very intense lyrics documenting moments of intimacy and heartache throughout.

Vocally this song is performed softly but by no means is the presence of Jacks voice contested by the instrumental arrangement. I have to say that overall this is a very powerful song and in my opinion if a song has enough impact to make me sit and ponder about times that have been and could be, then it has achieved more than being just a catchy tune. Although if you’re looking for some care-free relaxation, this may be a little heavy.

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