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Single Review: Issues – Late

Issues album cover

Artist: Issues

Single: Late

Album: Issues

Number of Tracks: 12

Release Date: 17 February 2014

Label: Rise Records

Ahead of the release of their self-titled album on 17 February, Issues’ label, Rise Records, started streaming a new song, Late, on Friday through its Youtube channel. This comes as the latest in a steady trickle of tracks that will appear on this full length record.

Some may remember the U.S. metalcore sextet as the creators of the slightly more brutalised version of Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend. Back then this was a hearty middle finger to the glamorisation of underage stars as Issues stuck rigidly to the original lyrics until the very end where the band indulged in a sharp-tongued parody of the young pop-star’s work.

Two years after this track’s appearance in the Punk Goes Pop album series, Issues’ endeavours towards original material appear to be staying true to this slightly beefed up version of mainstream pop. Late takes this to the extreme end of the spectrum as the first 30 seconds certainly wouldn’t sound out of place at your local mainstream club night. Synth melodies dancing a modulating dance with hints of auto-tuned vocals, there is little in terms of the six-stringed carnage we’re used to from Issues’ cover work. Or at least until the halfway mark that is. All those starting to worry about a succumbing of metal to über-sweet pop-noise, keep the faith but a little longer as eventually the twinkling computer voices turn to an undeniably organic growl.

Despite this return to Issues’ more recognisable form, the computerised elements never really fade. However, this is merely a standard characteristic of the kind of metal-pop fusion that makes the genre such relatively easy listening. Many more cerebral elements missing, Late is a physical workout before a mental one. It’s tight but simple composition allows you to put all your strength into finding that awkward spot between dancing and head-banging. However, a song that looks to get you moving rather than listening does have the potential to fall into that same trap of repetition as regular club anthems.

Looking at what Rise Records have already posted to Youtube, this latest catalyst to the pre-release hype certainly stands out as the softest track so far. Life Of A Nine and The Settlement, especially look to reduce the chance of the mainstream elements making this a stale pop album as they waste little time in presenting themselves as more metal-centric.

Life Of A Nine

The Settlement

Issues appear to be playing a game of balance between the genres of this album. An equilibrium appears to have been reached so far but it remains to be seen whether the album’s official release could topple this. Keep an eye on the Rise Records Youtube channel for any further possible streaming and to see just where between metal and mainstream, Issues will settle itself.

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