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Single Review: India Mill – Caribesque

Single Review: India Mill – Caribesque

Artist: India Mill
Single: Caribesque
From the Album: Under Every Sky
Label: Bold Venture Music
Release date: 15th September 2014

News has reached us that the band India Mill, are due to release their latest single, Caribesque on the 15th September 2014. The single is taken from their latest album, Under Every Sky which is due to be released on the 24th November 2014 and with such a long wait till its release, this single is unquestionably the definition of a teaser.

The track opens with a humbling, high-pitched guitar melody that is joined by easy-going vocals and a laid back drum beat, and bass line, creating a song that will be repeatedly seeing that replay button on our iPods. Straight away this song is clearly something for fans of The Pixies for their psychedelic touch, REM for the classic rock element and The Black Keys for a modernized twist. The track takes an altered turn to an even more softened sound. During the chorus, the vocals become higher with longer notes and the instruments are dimmed into the background. It’s soothing and almost hypnotic. Are you intrigued yet?! I know 2014 isn’t exactly the peak of the classic indie-rock genre, but the work of India Mill is a brick in the wall to keep the genre strong.


The song continues, gaining volume and intensity, revealing more and more of the bands talented core. This makes me want to delve deeper and hear their album in-depth. This grows and grows building to the breakdown. The drum beat is simple, the guitar is stimulating and just what the song needs.

As the track comes to a close, it ends on that lasting high-pitched note in the chorus with a screeching guitar to accompany it. This slowly dissolves until silence closes the song. I’m expecting success; radio airplay, gigs and festivals for India Mill.

You can listen to Caribesque via the bands Soundcloud.

And if you’re anticipating the upcoming album as much as me, stay involved through their:
Facebook  |   Website   |   Twitter

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