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Single Review: ilovecolour – Bones

Single Review: ilovecolour – Bones

Huddersfield based six piece ilovecolour are set to release their newest single Bones, taken from the upcoming EP The Wolf.  It’s the band’s second extended play and they have been touring their unique brand of alternative rock, playing at a few select venues around the country this year.

Bones isn’t the most obvious single selection. It doesn’t get you humming along and it doesn’t strike you as “hit” material. However, what this single seems to be is a sample of what ilovecolour are all about, and if this sort of thing is your bag then you will sit up and take notice. It’s a melancholic, gloomy song with a melody that is subtly unnerving. The brass section is ambitious and gives the track something of an edge: it’s unusual but intriguing and works effectively. The vocals are delivered in a sneeringly lackadaisical manner but, nonetheless, melodic and enjoyable. The band is musically tight and some excellent drumming really holds the piece together.

Bones is a solid song but there are some aspects of it that aren’t so pleasing. The mix sounds a little messy as if the instruments are piled on top of each other. It sometimes feels as though the sections where the band should really be going for it don’t stand out enough, which in turn gives the impression that they are cantering when the listener wants to hear more of a gallop. This is not to detract too much from a talented group of musicians who are, clearly, very capable of writing good songs.

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