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Single Review: De Staat – All Is Dull


Artist: De Staat

Single: All is Dull

Release Date: 9 December 2013

Album: I_Con

Number of Tracks: 13

Release Date: 16 September 2013

Label: Cool Green Recordings

On 9 December, Dutch quintet, De Staat, released their new single,  All is Dull, which has been picked out from the already well received I_Con album. Having arrived in September of this year, the new collection of 13 tracks are making De Staat the band to see live. All is Dull is but a fleeting glimpse into the workings of this alternative outfit.

First impressions more or less equate to “…did someone get Kasabian drunk?” Oddly enough, his does not necessarily come out as a bad thing. All is Dull walks along with a slow, plodding rhythm, which still manages to keep a spring in its step as an intermittent guitar melody warbles in the background. While slightly clumsy in its style, when coupled with a reserved attitude towards over-production, this makes the whole thing quite a loveably inebriated entity rather than something you wish would just go to bed and leave you alone.


However, the non-threatening edge does potentially leave the listener feeling as if what they’re listening to might be a little stale. There’s not much driving this teetering march but if you can allow yourself to be consumed by De Staat’s slightly surreal, disordered sound and enjoy the ride, then something will eventually click. As frontman, Torre Florim seemingly bores himself on various fairground rides with bandmates, the video for All is Dull actually perfectly embodies your experience of the song. You can’t help but feel a sense of foreboding as you enter into it, but once you’ve stopped trying to figure out which way is up, you’re no doubt going to be back for another go.

Also, any group of individuals who can keep a straight face throughout such an ordeal deserve the respect of being hard as nails, regardless of their sound.

However, if this is not enough for you then try them out for yourself on March 8 2014 at The Garage in London. This comes after De Staat’s successful three-night residency at The Blackheart in Camden during October. If your looking for the next quirky indie chapter in your life then De Staat have the perfect soundtrack for it. I only hope you look more jazzed about it than they do.

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