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Shigeto Releases New Video

Shigeto’s music is pretty interesting as you may have found out after reading our album review of Shigeto’s No Better Time Than Now. If you did take a read through that review and listen to some of his sounds,  it probably won’t come as a surprise to you that the music video for his track Detroit Part 1 is rather experimental.

Taking a trippy twist on the classic location shots found in many music videos, video director Rafe Scobery-Thal wanted to craft something different to suit Shigeto’s music. Here’s what Shigeto said about the video and the concepts behind it:

“We wanted to make a video for Detroit Part 1 that wasn’t a “Detroit” video if you get me. We didn’t want your run of the mill, driving around in a Ford past the train station, Coney Island, showing all the ruin porn etc. We wanted to convey how ‘Detroit Part 1′ was about my life in Detroit and the experiences I have had in the time I’ve been here. Rafe and I came up with the idea to bring the audience into a very psychedelic dream of mine, loosely representing what had happened in the last year for me.”

You can find out more about Shigeto by visiting his:

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