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She Knows The Road: Harriet Jones

A young musician, Harriet Jones, has been causing quite a stir recently in the city of Plymouth.

The fact that Jones has never played a cover song is certainly a unique prospect of her musical persona. She writes with the intention of telling a story through her songs, proving her ability to write interesting and original lyrics throughout her pieces.

It is no surprise that the English folk and soul singer, Lianne La Havas, announced that Jones had a “beautiful voice” after being passed her demo. The moment that Jones start to sing, you can tell that she has a unique voice.

Pinned as being folk and blues, the songs are all very minor-sounding. It is essentially Jones and her guitar which is a fairly common arrangement, nothing extravagant.

A particular song that stands out is ‘He Knows The Road’. This song is catchy and the way Jones performs vocally is different and easy to listen to. These lyrics are intricate and intimate, telling a tale to the listener.

Harriet Jones

Despite having a good singer/songwriter ability, the instrumentation lets most songs down. Only very basic chords and chord patterns are used predominantly, which is fair enough – it’s hard to do both.

Never the less, Jones’ sound could be much better suited to include an accompanying guitarist or other musicians. She has the lyrics and the performance of those lyrics down, but it would be interesting to see this talented musician play to her strengths.

Jones is due to play alongside Willy Mason and Hard-Fi

Over-all Harriet Jones is definitely worth watching in the future. Jones is set to play both the Knee Deep festival and Volksfest. Hopefully, with these successes Jones will be more experimental with her music.

Jones is current working on an EP before moving to London later this year, so watch out people!

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