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Py: October Tour and Tripping on Wisdom Mixtape

We all know how diverse music can be yet it’s always refreshing to hear a new sound, which is why I was particularly impressed when I first heard about Py. A welcome addition to the music scene, her songs feature 80s style beats and piano chords, her vocals floating through the songs with elegant juxtaposition.

Py, real name Jade Pybus, is a young female singer based in London. She has recently finished a tour playing at 8 key locations around the UK including Brighton and Bristol, both scenes where her house-style music is greatly appreciated. In a recent interview for FACT magazine, the singer was keen to talk about the tour, stating “I want people to come away inspired, with the stories and images for each tune popping out of their ears and eyes.”

Keen to put on a good performance, she wanted the show to be “more of a spectacle” which definitely rang true when she performed at The Thekla in Bristol. Pink and purple lights shimmered across the crowd, while Py standing center stage looked mesmerizing in a black and white striped jumpsuit, complete with statement gold jewelry. She also sounded great, which is refreshing seeing as few singers sound so good when performing live.

Py has collaborated with many noted producers including the likes of Lapalux, Damu and Throwing Snow for her recent mixtape, Tripping on Wisdom. The mixtape (available to download for free via her Facebook page) features 35 minutes of hypnotizing melodies, starting with her own echoic version of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”. It then develops with pop-like beats and slow piano chords, which add a darker sound to the track. The mixtape also features “Lungs”, a catchy dance tune which she produced earlier this year, preventing the mixtape from sounding repetitive.
And if life hasn’t already been busy enough lately for the singer, she was also recently asked to sing for an advertisement for the season finale of Downton Abbey on ITV1.

With a successful tour behind her, brilliant tracks and a beautiful voice, it seems clear that the only way for Py is up. Watch this space.

To find out more about Py and to download her mixtape visit the following:

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