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Photography: While She Sleeps Live At Leeds Festival 2013

So after rocking out at Reading and Leeds Festival and seeing your favourite bands, it would be great to re-live those breathtaking performances through some photos of the event.

Well for fans of While She Sleeps that’s a reality! Below we have a selection of photos from the band’s performance at Leeds Festival for you to look at. 

While She Sleeps

.”\n”[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/while-she-sleeps/thumbs/thumbs_while-she-sleeps-9.png]480
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/while-she-sleeps/thumbs/thumbs_while-she-sleeps-8.png]370
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/while-she-sleeps/thumbs/thumbs_while-she-sleeps-6.png]310
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/while-she-sleeps/thumbs/thumbs_while-she-sleeps-5.png]340
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/while-she-sleeps/thumbs/thumbs_while-she-sleeps-7.png]300
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/while-she-sleeps/thumbs/thumbs_while-she-sleeps-3.png]570
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/while-she-sleeps/thumbs/thumbs_while-she-sleeps-4.png]310
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/while-she-sleeps/thumbs/thumbs_while-she-sleeps-10.png]340
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/while-she-sleeps/thumbs/thumbs_while-she-sleeps-2.png]260
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/while-she-sleeps/thumbs/thumbs_while-she-sleeps-1.png]280

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