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Nicolas Cage VS. The Internet


After a long arduous day of procrastination in the uni library, I decided to treat myself to a pizza and film evening. I came in, sat down, turned the TV on, and lo and behold Bangkok Dangerous was on. Not the late nineties version, it was the 2008 flop with Nic Cage sporting an ill advised, perpetually wet, black mullet which gives off more of a creepy magician vibe then the ‘I am a deadly assassin’ look.

Anyway, I’m not here to insult the man for the series of audacious hair doos he has had in the past when there are plenty of others bones that need a pickin’. For years the internet has been waging war taking the complete piss out of Cage and his eccentric brand of over-acting, often focusing in on the Oscar winner’s malleable boat-race and reincarnating it into a spectacular meme for all to enjoy. There is a back catalogue of memes of Cage that flood the internet on a regular basis, popping up in the realm of social media often in the comments section of posts, with the obligatory 1000 likes.In terms of frequency, Nic Cage is only second to Candy Crush requests, The Ice Bucket Challenge and meal photos on my Facebook newsfeed.

The thing I don’t get about Cage is the fact that he is so hit and miss with his delivery. How you can go from an academy award-winning performance in Leaving Las Vegas to…well…Ghost Rider is beyond my comprehension. Cage’s acting ability has a tendency to be so bipolar and drastically overemphasised that he is easy pickings for the citizens of internetland. You don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch the video below and honestly tell me that Nic Cage is a quality actor.

His hilarious brand of freak-out acting is most prevalent in past films such as Wicker Man, a film which has scored 3.6/10 on, the most ridiculous scene involves Cage having a shit ton of CGI bees poured into his wire mesh helmet. Cage describes his agony to the audience as if we can’t see what’s going on, “not the bees!” and “they’re in my eyes!” endorsed with Cage’s famous battle cry. It’s like the scene’s dialogue was adapted for the visually impaired or radio.

Although most would shy away from this onslaught of memes, cartoons and viral videos Cage wears it as his armour, quite literally as he was seen just 2 months ago in this car crash of an outfit backstage at a Guns n Roses concert:


As clear as day Cage sports the “You Don’t Say!” meme taken from Vampire’s Kiss; an expression which is sarcasm made manifest. Hats off to the guy (no pun intended) as he clearly gets across the message that he can take a joke rather than let his internet alter ego swallow him alive. One thing I do know, is that if he had the rights to making t-shirts with his face on, he might be able to afford going on another one of his infamous spending sprees. Last time he was in a bidding war with Leonardo Dicaprio for a dinosaur skull, of which might have been an illegal import.

As well as having a questionable dress sense and strange affiliations towards potentially illegal fossils, Cage has also made preparations for the afterlife by building a 9 foot pyramid to lay his over-active body to rest in. That would be such a bizarre funeral, sealing him in his tomb only to find the thespian’s not truly dead, oh the irony!

 What’s your favourite Nicolas Cage meme? Let us know in the comment section. 

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