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News: Report uncovers Steam’s hidden stats

For the past two months Ars Technica have been conducting a poll of the Steam user base. The results were published yesterday, revealing some interesting statistics concerning Steam’s most popular games.

Methodology isn’t really a word which fills me with excitement when I hear it so I won’t bore you with the various techniques Ars’ employed to acquire these results. If you do happen to be interested in all that jazz, the article linked above goes into a fair amount of detail to explain how they did it.

It should also be mentioned that since the poll’s publication yesterday, Ars Technica have since released an update, which includes alterations to several of the results.

Formalities over, we can now get stuck into the results of the report.

Valve’s Dota 2 somewhat stole the show, taking the titles of both most owned and most played game on Steam with 25.93 million people having the game registered to their steam account and 25.9 million people having played it at least once.


Indeed, the poll highlighted the large dichotomy between games which are owned on Steam and game which have been played. The report claims that 26.1% of all registered games on Steam have never even been played. There are roughly 781 million registered games on Steam, so that’s around 204 million unplayed games.

While this may seem like a shocking statistic initially, Steam users probably don’t need to feel too guilty about themselves. If the average Steam user is anything like me, they are probably regular purchasers of the Humble bundles (or any other of the many regular bundles for that matter). These bundles usually offer five or six games for a very small fee, and a new one is released every few months (we’re currently on the eleventh indie bundle!). While I do indeed have many unplayed games in my Steam library, the vast majority of these are from bundles. Often I will buy a bundle just to play one or two games in particular, I may never find time to play the other games in the bundle but at least they’re there if I ever find myself in need of something new to play.


In terms of hours played, Dota 2 once again comes out on top; boasting a huge 3828 million hours of playtime, roughly 21% of the total playtime on Steam! However when it comes to hours played per owner, Football Manager 2014 is king; with an average of 169.2 hours played per owner. Those guys are hardcore.

So there you go, if by some miracle I have managed to peak your interest, make sure you take a look at the articles I linked above for a comprehensive list of the poll’s results.

Now go and install one of your many unplayed games in your Steam library!


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