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News: New Doctor Who Actor Announced

After an exclusive 35 minute announcement program, Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor  has finally let the world know who will be taking up the TARDIS-dwelling lead role.

Following interviews with the fifth Doctor Peter Davison, and soon to be former Doctor, Matt Smith. The show went on to include words from numerous notable individuals about what the show meant to them, and why Doctor Who has obtained a place as one of television’s classic shows.

 After an excruciating wait, Peter Capaldi, who was the favourite to be the twelfth Doctor, was announced to take on the role. Capaldi spoke about keeping the secret from even his own child and how he chose to download scripts of previous Doctors to get into the role.


Capaldi has been in roles in numerous popular shows including Torchwood, World War Z, The Thick of It and Skins.

What do you think? Is Capaldi the right man to don the sonic screwdriver?


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