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News: Humble Indie Bundle X released

The latest Humble Bundle, Humble Indie Bundle X, is now available to purchase.

As ever you can pay as little (or as much if you’re feeling generous) for the bundle, but paying at least $1 will get you Steam keys and beating the average (which at the time of writing rests at $5.46) will bag you too additional games.

The games included in this bundle are: the memory-exploring point and click adventure To The Moon (trust me, it’s fantastic), Joe Danger 2: The Movie, Papo & Yo and Runner 2 (the sequel to the incredibly difficult rhythm action game BIT TRIP RUNNER). 

Pay more than the average and you’ll also receive copies of Reus and the tricky-yet-hilarious Surgeon Simulator 2013.

Here’s the trailer, featuring footage from all the games featured in the bundle.

I’m being sensible and waiting until after my final exam (6pm on Friday – that’s right, 6pm!) to pick this up, but this is probably one of the better indie bundles in a while and I’m definitely going to beat the average to get my hands on the extra two games!

Reus, one of the game's you'll have to beat the average to get your hands on.

Reus, one of the game’s you’ll have to beat the average to get your hands on.



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