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News: Humble Indie Bundle 11 released

The latest Humble Bundle, the eleventh indie bundle, is now out, featuring an impressive line-up of games available, as always, for however much you wish to pay.

This bundle includes the platformers Guacamelee! Gold Edition and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Dust: An Elysian Trail and the acclaimed puzzle-platformer The Swapper.

Pay more than the average (which at the time of writing is just $4.55) and you’ll also grab yourself the psychedelic puzzle game Antichamber and heist game Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine.

The Humble Indie Bundles always impress me, but this latest edition is particularly appetising. I’ve been eager to get my hands on four of the six games featured here for a little while now so I’ll definitely be picking this bundle up.

Here’s the trailer for Humble Bundle 11, featuring gameplay of all the games included.

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