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News: FTL: Advanced Edition announced


FTL: Advanced edition, a free expansion for the popular space strategy game FTL: Faster Than Light, was announced last night.

The expansion adds a great deal of new content including new weapons, systems, drones, augments and enemies. Specifically, there it introduces a mind control system which temporarily turns your opponents into allies and a stun weapon which freezes the enemy crew. A new sector and some new events have also been added for FTL: AE, as well as some polish and minor changes to the original game.

For those who want to continue to play the original game, an option to turn off the AE content will  be available.

In addition to this announcement, it was revealed that FTL is coming to iPad. This version will include all of the AE content and is planned to release, alongside the PC expansion, in early 2014.

You can read my review of FTL: Faster Than Light here.

Here’s the trailer for FTL: Advanced Edition.

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